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Now more than ever, you need the power of connectivity.

Connect to your customers, reps, distributors and business partners.

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We are an experienced, single-point connectivity resource: prototyping, building, installation, training and support. 

We started building connectivity systems in the late seventies. We’ve learned how to customize them to a client’s unique needs. We build future-proofing into every one of them so our clients don’t get locked into clunky old ways of doing things. 

Our systems are fully compatible with modern APIs. They run on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. All major browsers play nice.

Typical Use Cases

Banking Online Account Opening

Banking Online Book to Core Systems

Board of Directors Portal

Online Parts Spec Lookup

Online Parts and Service Status

Online Association Membership Database

Visual Basic Spread Sheets for MS Excel

Development Tools

Applications are built with state of the art tools and modules. We keep them up-to-date with best practice upgrades. As time goes by, and your needs change, our development tools ensure that only a minimum of effort will necessary for upgrades.


Data Security

All our systems store data behind defense in depth firewalls. Data in transit or in use is encrypted and tokenized.

Companies in our portfolio.

Parker Hannifin

First Citizens

Peoples Bank

Togar Rugs



United National



Arc Agency

Capstone Bank



NC Bankers

BSA Coalition

Great State

Bank of Asheville


What our clients say:

A&M built our first online account opening system in 2008. They’ve made consistent improvements in the program and have been most responsive to our needs. We’re happy with the 99% uptime performance as well.

Community Bank SVP Retail Banking Division

I’m not going to lie.  Originally, these people made me and my core processing provider nervous.  But it turns out they knew what they were doing and even our core provider has no complaints.  I also hasten to add their stuff never causes problems.  It just works.


Community Bank IT Manager

These guys did a careful, thoughtful workscope and delivered exactly what they promised, when they said and slightly under budget. We asked for a complex search process and it works exactly as we wanted. The system has been running for more than 5 years and, except for maintenance, it is always up.

Trade Association Member Services Manager

A&M built our online parts spec system. It worked from day one and has not only saved us countless hours of customer inquiries but has been a home run with our customers and distributors. We rarely need maintenance, but when we do, the A&M people are on it. We get service in hours, not days.

Manufacturing Company USA Retail Product Manager

We started building connectivity systems before there was an internet and, yes, it was harder back then.

It started with a marketing problem that needed a technology solution. We couldn’t find one the client could afford, so we built our own. And, one thing led to another, and pretty soon we had a real line of business.