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Automated Deposit Account Opening System

Automated account opening online reduces manual work by 85% vastly improving your customer experience and company efficiency.

The GEN3 deposit account opening system automates the online application experience

  • Gathers applicant and co-applicant data.
  • Funding verification for account routing and account number
  • Consumer underwriting information BSA validation.
  • Sends and receives signed documents with DocuSign automation

Secure operability over the net.

  • Data stored on secure cloud firewall.
  • Data transfer by encrypted, tokenized code

Device and Operating System Versality

  • Works on all devices: phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Works on all major browsers: Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari and MS Edge

Delivery between 60 and 90 days.

  • Minimum up-front fee.
  • No other payments until satisfactory delivery.

Includes these benefits:

  • Branded online webinar training sessions
  • Branded on-boarding materials (FAQs, Videos, Handouts, etc)

Optional feature:

  • Book directly to core system
  • Predictive modeling to capture prospects for proposed accounts


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