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Connect to Core - A&M Tech Services
828-252-4036 info@am-solutions.us

Open up the core silo.

One of the least expensive ways to increase your institution’s efficiency
and lower your IT cost.

Get more information by phone or email

Opening up your core can do marvelous things for your institution’s efficiency and productivity. Without wrecking your bottom line.

It’s the least expensive tech you can buy.

But the most marvelous thing is the big-time improvement in your customer’s positive engagement!

There’s no up-front fee or “gotcha” user agreements. We do affordable–and transparent.

Opportunity 1:
Stream your online deposit and loan account opening.  Speed up application times.  Improve your underwriting with customer “current customer data inputs”.

Opportunity 2:
Make real-time data available to your CRM.  No more flat file uploads.  No more waiting until tomorrow to see what your customers did today.  When your customer data changes, see it now.

Opportunity 3:
Finally take advantage of email automation.  Set up sequenced emailed “customer touches”.  For example, set up customer landing pages to match up with your advertising or social media advertising.  Give customers customized response alternatives on the landing page.  Automatically route customer email to the right person. Automatically track how and when the response was  handled internally.  Schedule “drip email campaigns” with content that matches up with customer responses.

We can show you video demos, Zoom demos and Zoom call presentations.  We’ve got numbers and case histories.  And references.  Use the contact form below and let’s get the conversation started.

Get more information and realistic pricing.  See if core automation is right for you. 

Ping us and we’ll be in touch quickly.By the way, your information is safe with  us.  We don’t share.  Period.

Core Automation Information (check all that apply)

14 + 13 =

We’re good.  We’re fast.  We’re affordable.  Customers love working with us.  Here’s why:

Here’s the thing: we not only have talented “on shore” people, we also have fast machines,
1 Gigabyte internet and a whole slew of geek-derived apps that make our turn-times very fast.  Because it doesn’t take us long, it doesn’t cost you much money. 

Four other things you should know:

  • We don’t do up front fees for core automations projects.  Depending on the size and complexity, you pay us (a) when it’s done or (b) in agreed upon stages when actual work is completed and accepted.
  • We provide a  hard-dollar quote before we start.  (We call this a work-scope.) Unless you change something, you know, up-front, what it will cost.

  • We run a tight security ship. We are careful with your data.  We have a thorough security policy and procedure (which we are happy to share).   We’re comfortable with your NDA or ours.

  • We’ve been to this rodeo before. Go here to see other similar projects we have done.