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Why we’re a great resource - A&M Tech Services
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Why we're a great tech resource

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We’re focused on your success.

We’re intensely focused on customer service.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.  And, by extension of that principle, we’re devoted to preserving, extending and amplifying your relationship with your customers and business partners.  We know you don’t take them for granted, and neither do we.

We’re experienced

We have been building connectivity solutions since the seventies (as in 1970) and we know what works and what won’t.  Bottom line: we make connectivity work for you, your customers and your business partners.

We’re industry savvy. 

Our development tools and procedures reflect the state of best practices in functionality and security.  Especially when it comes to future-proofing, we keep a keen eye on the tech that’s coming down the pike so that our customers don’t get locked out of new developments.

We’re creative where it counts.

We understand how an app looks and feels is just as important as the code that makes it work.

We’re responsive.

We operate our business 24/7, and we’re wired to the world, to each other and to our clients.  So, when client’s have issues, we’re on it.   

We’re affordable. 

Our fees for prototyping, development and support are usually one-half our bigger competitors.

We have great people.

Our staff and business partners are focused professionals.  They know their stuff and they are devoted to customer service.

We’re responsible. 

We take full responsibility for delivering a commercially acceptable product to our clients.  We know how to develop and live by a budget.  We insist on a fully developed, written workscope to make sure we and our clients agree on the objective, the cost, the implementation schedule and the required support. 

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